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Psychosocial and E-Mental Health Consulting

(Tech for social wellbeing)

The theories and approaches of Psychosocial Consulting apply equally well to organisations, culturally and linguistically diverse populations and vulnerable populations. 

Tech for social wellbeing uses digital technological capacities such as; e-capacity building programmes; web based applications, smartphone apps, biofeedback tools and even Virtual Reality.

Combining both of these, it is possible to deliver that rare combination of powerful and transformative yet non-threatening. 

Mental Health prevention and promotion programmes, along with a stepped care approach using innovative delivery platforms provide scale, accessibility and affordability to groups who may otherwise not have access due to stigma, geographic or financial isolation.

Psychosocial consulting

In order to deliver scalable, cost-effective and efficacious psychological intervention, we need to utilise the eco-systems of individuals and communities.  Including but not limited to social determinants of health, culture, cosmological and theological belief systems.  These fundamentally influence thoughts,  feelings, values and behaviours. 

Recognition of this eco-system provides insights that facilitate more effective mental health interventions, such as mental health promotion and prevention programmes.  Identifying and utilising community and individual strengths, resources and assets; growing these in the service of a values led life that becomes empowering and most importantly... sustainable.

We need more interventions that are community led, community sustained and community building.


Workplace Resilience Training

Provides easily accessible tools and techniques to build inpidual resilience.  Research has proven these techniques dramatically affect behaviour many months after they have been learnt- decreasing stress levels and improving work satisfaction. Click here to view the Workplace Resilience Training outline.

Trust Building Course

Building trust with colleagues, customers and management can dramatically increase productivity as well as enjoyment at work. Click here to view the Trust Building Course outline.

-Mistrust doubles the cost of doing business-

Professor John Whitney, Columbia Business School

Relationship Building Skills Course

You can build long term, strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and management.  Leveraging strong relationships will enable the achievement of your goals, both business and personal.   Click here to view the Relationship Building Skills Course outline.