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Living the Life You Really Want.

UPP Group provide psychological services in Melbourne's North.

We see people who feel stuck; in their lives, in their minds or in their soul.  We help you move from this "stuckness" towards getting the life you really value.  You will learn more about the nature of your mind, body and soul interaction so you can have a more fulfilling life using practical and effective strategies.  These strategies will help you manage whatever difficulties you are facing right now.  The skills you develop will enrich your life now and will be helpful for future difficulties as well.

As well as seeing individuals, we really value helping groups, communities.  Democratising psychological knowledge, releasing it from the domain of one to one.  Facilitating its dissemination to provide access to everyone; regardless of geographical, financial or other access constraints.  Through psychosocial consulting, tech for social wellbeing and facilitation we are helping developing free or super low cost resources.  For example, the WHO's SH+ protocol.  A pre-recorded, low intensity, 5 session intervention teaching grounding, defusion, values aligned behaviours, acceptance and compassion for self and others.  

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